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Immersive training that sticks

Some of our current clients include Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Amdocs (Israel, India, Chicago, and Montreal), Vishay, and Philip Morris. We have have also created interactive environments and activities for corporate offices Microsoft, Facebook, and Google in Israel.
Multi-Player Computer Game

Multi-Player Computer Game

Engaging Security Adventure 
Security Exercises . Objectives . Real Time
Virtual Reality Box

Virtual Reality Box

Individual Experience 
3D Movie . 360 Movie . Realistic Animation
Cyber Security Escape Room

Cyber Security Escape Room

1-3 Day Team Experience
Office - Home - Hacker GDPR

Permanent and portable Training Room Options

Corporations and Universities
CISO . Security . IT . Employees . Students

About Cyber Security Awareness Training

Triple C is the only company on the market today that builds portable cyber escape rooms to spec and that lines up with GDPR and Real Cyber Warfare risks and dangers.

The best way for information to be delivered and retained is through experiential learning - not slideshows, point and click, or watching movies.

Our combination of interactive training includes seeing, doing, and discussing. Findings demonstrate that interactive methods of training bring the highest learning gains and retention.

cyber security virtual reality training

Triple C Solutions

Interactive Simulation Experiances

The benefits of learning by doing show that people who have trained by escape room and simulation can recall important information up to 70% better than by using other methods. Triple Cyberness leads employees through cyber attacks in their native environment. They love the challenge of escape rooms because of the dangers and real time exposure to risks. The risks are present at home, in the office, the cell phone, and all other devices that we carry with us.

At the end of each session the Operator reviews the topic message of each room by:

Discussing the main message of the room

Discussing the experience itself

How the team worked together

Our Client Testimonial

Cyberness Escape Room training prepared our employees for every day and emergency response situations.  Escape room training addresses the human risk factor in security.

Customize To Your Needs

We set up Escape Room Environments and functionality that is conducted for you or that you can manage and operate independently.

All themes, brands, and subject matter are customizable.

Our Client

philip morris

About Triple Cyberness

Triple Cyberness is a company that formed from Lego Pro which has 25 years of event planning by using technological advances for Corporations, Defense Companies, and large high quality events. Because of our experience with deep technology for experiential learning we created a new way to learn cyber security awareness and training through interactive escape room simulations. Our clients include government, military, and corporate entities with a “high risk” factor.

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